Operation Department

Operation Department


          Companies serving staff of more than 80 people, the establishment of the three major sectors, business unit (including financial group, micro business group and documentary group), technology (including software, hardware, equipment development group, flash test laboratory), operations (including group purchasing, quality, production group, the equipment maintenance group).

          Office of operations

Operations Director Responsibilities: 1 operations of each group of work arrangements supervision; 2 production and scheduling single audit; 3 supplier problem processing; 4 equipment failure outside the association.
Quality Manager Responsibilities: quality control and inspection;
Production manager Job Responsibilities: 1. Production line single and tasks assigned. Site management to deal with the problem 3. Production staff assessment and scheduling. Arrange the first parts, fixture making
Operator responsibilities: 1 production line material confirmation and production supervision; 2 to confirm the BOM table, the patch map; 3 production of the work instruction.
Electronic warehouse operator responsibilities: 1 material receiving and control 2 of material preparation and processing.
Procurement of a single post responsibility: 1 production of material procurement; 2 sample material procurement; 3 bad return; 4 inventory warehouse.


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