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FLASHTEK control panel warranty policy

Dear customer:
        To ensure your rights and interests, to reduce your losses, while improving the quality and efficiency of our products, so that our cooperation is more smooth, the special development of the warranty policy. Specific implementation details are as follows:
One, the following circumstances please do not return:

1 did not use the products, do not accept the return.
2 did not use the general goods, shipped within 3 months can be negotiated return, but not guaranteed to return.
3 deep fried plate: the customer is not according to the "control board installation requirements" production, resulting in deep fried SCR, line, IC.
4 over the guarantee period.
5 is our product.

Two, warranty policy:

1 non mass problem, all the product warranty 2 years, the product screen printing time.
2 batch of problems, I Division 4 years of warranty, we are willing to take responsibility, the specific loss of mutual consultation.
3 warranty period of the product, to give free repair, and received the same day to start the calculation, 20 days after the return, more than 1 months, the customer has the right to double the claim. Do not accept random reduction.
4 I Division to ensure that the product rate of 1% in the following, does not contain man-made damage.
5 of our shipments do not provide spare parts, customers can according to the number of shipments increase under the single quantity.
6 bad products to return the maintenance, please classified statistics. No statistics or quantity is not subject to the number of our statistics.
7. Not within the scope of warranty forced return, our will be affixed to red friable paste do mark, each SF express return shipping charges to pay.
8 many times not according to the Secretary for the implementation of the policy, refused to cooperate.

Three, customer service contact:

Technical support: documentary Engineer 15818598529
Responsible for customer complaint: 15818598523 mobile landline Merchandiser
Work QQ: 2853275357
Email: [email protected]
Please take a bad product every 3 months, thank you!


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