After-sale service

       Create perfection, serve customers

      "Create a perfect, service customers" is shining to serve customers to return customers, based on the consumer market.

      "Creating perfection" covers the creation of perfect products, perfect service, perfect life, perfect life. Shining technology in the process of production and labor, the pursuit of beauty, love of life, financial injection in each product, and put it through a high quality service and dedication to the people, let more customers in the use of products sparkling, enjoy the shining service, truly feel a kind of beauty exists, get a kind of beauty to enjoy, so as to guide the vast number of consumers and all the community beauty, pursuit and creation of beauty, which is to shine create perfect true meaning.

      "Service clients" enterprise can only develop and grow in the service society, to show the existence value and the survival significance of the enterprise. "Service" not only between consumers, shine and shine with customers, but also between the shine among functional units and subsidiaries, a process is a process service, the shining for customer services.
      Therefore, "to create a perfect, service customers" is a shining code of conduct.
      FLASHTEK corporate creed: a day commitment, a hundred years.

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