公司面积3500余㎡,配套设施齐全,研发和办公面积1000余㎡;500         Company covers an area of 3500 square meters, complete supporting facilities, R & D and office area of 1000 square meters; 500 square meters of flashover test laboratory, downstage, meeting rooms, function rooms, coffee shops, and other readily available.

Company reception desk

Company reception desk

Office corridor

Office corridor

Office corridor



Company reception area

A rich coffeehouse

Coffee hall reception area

coffeehouse box





Modern conference room

80 Inch Touch Screen TV to open remote phone conference.




          FLASHTEK functions of the office of learning and training, media amplifier, fitness and entertainment as one of the integrated place. Enrich the lives of employees, create a better collective atmosphere.

Multifunction Room

All kinds of learning, entertainment facilities for employees to use

Fitness Equipment

Central air conditioning and elegant background music of the whole company - elegant and comfortable environment

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