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1 to become a shining technology distinguished members, you only need to be in the official website online message or with customer service, you can become a shining technology permanent members;
2 the customer needs to provide comprehensive customer information, so that we can better achieve sales service;
3 to join the member can obtain the product price;
4 members have priority to get the latest product information, warehouse inventory situation;
5 members of the custom products have real-time access to production progress and so on.
6 members enjoy preferential prices for products.

深圳市闪耀科技开发有限公司 粤ICP备20005977号

公司:深圳市闪耀科技开发有限公司  | 地址:中国广东深圳宝安区松岗镇东方社区田洋二路1号A栋8层 总机

电话:0755-27847580/27847582 | 会议专线:0755-27847583

顺德工厂:佛山市福来丝泰克技术有限公司 | 地址:广东省佛山市顺德区杏坛镇二环路8号顺德智富园11栋2-3全层

总机电话:0757-27770016  | 会议专线:0757-27770091

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