Shenzhen City appliance accessories suppliers association

        Chapter I General Provisions
        Article 1 this league title: Shenzhen appliance accessories supplier Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "the league"),    English Name: Shenzhen city straight hair accessories supplier alliance. (SHASA.)
        Article 2 of the Union in accordance with the social organizations registration management regulations "and the"
Regulations of Guangdong Province Industry Association "set up for the country engaged in beauty, hairdressing, beauty enterprises and institutions (including registered foreign-funded and Sino foreign joint venture unit) and other economic organizations voluntarily, the implementation of industry service and self-discipline management of cross sectoral, cross ownership of the non-profit industry corporate social organizations.
        The third purpose of this alliance is: "equality and mutual trust, fair competition, resource sharing, common development".
Through the service member units, industry self-regulation, represent the overall interests of the industry, coordination and membership related affairs, promote hair straighteners, hair curler, beauty, hairdressing, body parts suppliers to the healthy

development of norms.
        Article 4 the alliance led by ranstart technology, jointly organized by the many excellent hair straightener parts
suppliers to improve the hairdressing industry parts supplier development and innovation ability.
        Fifth this alliance is a fair and free competition platform, with the network as the carrier to establish the QQ group,
provide high quality spare parts supplier for customers to choose, efficient and fast!
       Second chapter activity principle
       The sixth task of this alliance is to:
       (a) publicize and implement the relevant national guidelines, policies, laws and regulations; on the development of hair
straighteners, hair curler accessories advice and recommendations to the relevant government departments; to assist the government system (repair) set about hair straighteners, hair curler accessories policies, laws, regulations, and standards, and to promote its implementation;
       (II) strengthen hair straighteners, hair curler, beauty, beauty, body parts suppliers, cooperation and exchanges, organize
or participate in domestic and foreign hair straightener hair curler, beauty, hairdressing, beauty accessories new product exhibition, for enterprises to develop domestic and international market service.
      (III) guide enterprises to customers as the center, take an active part in about hair straightener curling iron parts
qualification certification and quality supervision activities, improve product quality, service quality;
      (IV) to improve the industry's statute, prohibit unfair competition, safeguard intellectual property rights, safeguard
the legitimate rights and interests of members;
      (V) the completion of other matters entrusted by the government or its members.
      Seventh business scope of the alliance: technical exchanges, consulting training, recommended services, exhibition,
publishing information, to undertake the government to buy services and other matters.Eighth principles of the activities of the union:
       (I) the activities of the Union in accordance with the approved articles of association, and to comply with the relevant

laws, regulations and policies of the state;
      (II) the union to carry out activities, honest and trustworthy, fair and just, not fraud, without prejudice to the
interests of countries and other units and individuals;
     (III) the union activities, follow the "democratic centralism" and "independent office will" principle, do work
autonomously, personnel, self-employed, self financing.
     Third chapter members
     Ninth applications to join the members of the association must meet the following conditions:

     (I) the recognition of the association of the association;
     (II) voluntary accession;
     (three) in the beauty, hairdressing, beauty enterprises and related ancillary products enterprises, distributors or
     (IV) the legitimate business and formal development of enterprises
     (V) enterprises have a good reputation
     (VI) there is a business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate, a perfect quality system.
     (VII) the party may become a member of the Council after it is qualified for approval.

Tenth membership program:
     (I) to submit an application for membership;
     (II) by the Council of the Federation, the secretary is authorized to review and issue a certificate of approval.
    Eleventh members shall perform the following obligations:
     (I) comply with the Union constitution, implement the resolution of the alliance, to obey the rules, maintaining the
reputation of the industry and the interests of;
     (II) this alliance is to QQ group as the exchange platform, communication must follow the rules and regulations of the
alliance QQ group.
     Article 12 the union implementation level rules and regulations, divided into ordinary members, members of the copper,
silver membership, member of the gold, platinum, diamond card member, members of the crown, a member of the. Membership levels are evaluated by the board of directors of the company's reputation and the active level of the company's QQ.
     Article 13 members serious violations of state laws and regulations or the articles of association, the manager will be
removed and publicity through more than two thirds of the participants. Was expelled from membership such as expulsion to the Council refuses to accept the decision, upon receipt of the decision within 30 days of the appeal, the Council hearing and make a reply; the appeal of a great impact on the society, Council to decide can proposals submitted to the members' meeting.
      The higher the level of the members of the Council of recommendation fourteenth, the higher the Council's service support
is the more. Such as the recommended position, the sales recommend opportunity, activity information priority. Support enterprises through a variety of certification products, etc..
      Article fifteenth the president of the Board shall exercise the following functions and powers:
      (I) to preside over the general assembly, to convene and preside over the council;
      (II) examine the implementation of the resolutions of the conference;
      (III) the work of the Leadership Council, signed on behalf of the League of important documents;
      The fourth chapter supplementary provisions
      The sixteenth interpretation of this constitution belongs to the Shenzhen City appliance supplier alliance.



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