Brief introduction of Shenzhen appliance accessories supplier Alliance
         Appliance accessories supplier alliance, was formally established in September 6, 2013. Is led to shine by the Shenzhen

Science and technology, many excellent hair straightener parts suppliers in the United and to improve the hairdressing

industry parts supplier development and innovation ability.
         Alliance is a to equality and mutual trust, based on fair competition for power and resources sharing ties and common

development as the ultimate goal of the non profit organization; alliance is a to provide high-quality, price, efficient

operation of beauty salons products parts supply platform. At the same time, the realization of the equality and mutual

benefit between the members of the alliance, coexistence and win-win, common development. A hair straightener accessories

industry standards in the process of gradually. Improve the overall quality of beauty salon industry accessories suppliers.
        First of all, the alliance is a fair and free competition platform as the carrier of the network, the establishment of

alliance QQ group. Members need to be strictly selected to join the union, the requirements are as follows:
      1 enterprise development,
      2 enterprises have a good reputation
     3 enterprises have perfect quality control system
     4 annual review mechanism for enterprise qualification
We have a responsible attitude to continue to spur members, through the provision of high quality products and efficient and

convenient services, to build China's private enterprises beauty salon products accessories supplier Shenzhen base.
        Platform is customers stop purchasing service platform, can provide from product design, control development board

manufacturing, mold design, pieces of plastic processing, oil spraying, screen printing, all kinds of hardware accessories,

power line, a heating body, until the color box packaging printing one-stop full service. The establishment of beauty salon

products quality parts supply chain, the need to provide more quality products and more efficient service, to become a part of

the supply chain. Platform has been established so far, a lot of customers.
        Alliance is also a platform to join us you can get to know more friends, to establish a deep friendship, to provide more

        Straight hair accessories union warmly welcome new and old customers, suppliers, pay attention to us, join us. Make your

contribution to the development of the hairdressing industry.
        To create high-quality, efficient beauty salon products accessories one-stop procurement platform

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