Shenzhen Flashtek Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, specializing in the development, production and sales of beauty salon control panel.
Formally established in September 6, 2003.
2004: the success of the registered trademark "FLASHTEK brand".
2005: the first domestic launch colorful LCD straightener.
2007: we launched the first domestic appliance dedicated MASK chip FL816 series; independent research and development OA automation office system.
2008: the first domestic launch of a dedicated MASK simple hair straightener, FL822 series chip FL821.
2010: the introduction of cost-effective FL823 chip FL824 series, hair straightener.
2011: the start of production process automation, automation equipment plug-in machine part purchase.
2012: investment more than 500 million yuan built hair straightener control plate automatic production line 2, and put into use; independently developed "the hair straightener control
Board of automatic test machine "and patented the launch of the FL831 appliance chip.
2013: the establishment of hair straighteners accessories supplier alliance; free hair straightener product EMC testing service launched; launch FL853 curling iron chip;
The launch of FL2022 brushless FL2023 brush, hair curlers shining artifact; science and technology occupy the market half of the country.
2014: investment 15 million; relocation of the old plant, built million dust-free workshop and four automatic production line; establishment of flashover test laboratory; launched
12V FL2028 with brush and hair artifact; through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.
2015: the cooperation with the listing Corporation, take the product technology development road.


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