Shenzhen Flashtek Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, Located in the forefront of science and technology Songgang Shenzhen, Is a

professional engaged in the development, production and sales of the beauty salon product control board R & D, production and

sales of modern Hi tech enterprise. Since its inception, in ten years grinding sword of the spirit, belief perseverance,

change the idea, advanced equipment, powerful team, efficient management, the registered trademark of FLASHTEK, gradually

become the leading brand in the industry.
      Flashtek through more than ten years of precipitation, enterprises through the ISO9001 international quality management

system, with the top R & D team, professional testing laboratories - flash test laboratory, advanced production equipment
High quality innovative products and services.
      Talent: Shine technology in the spirit of people-oriented concept, the collection of industry research and development

and design of high-end talent, composed of dozens of people's top R & D team of experts
      Professional testing system: shining technology have their own professional flash measurement laboratory, all the

products of the company were through the industry standard test, products manufactured before shall be after the early

development of the test and production first article Testing and QA ship tests three stages, test contains the following

items: Bratislava test times, wear test, drop test, vibration test, swing experiments, steam experiment, conduction test,

disturbance power test, voltage drop test, lightning surge test, static test, group pulse test, standby function test, global

voltage test;
       Equipment: has millions of clean production workshop, industrial 3.0 is moving towards industrial 4.0 highly automated

production lines, build intelligent control factory; and get the hair straightener control board automatic testing machine
Taiwan patent;Products: has launched a series of chip FL816, FL821, FL822 etc. many mask, FL823, FL824, FL831 series hair

straighteners chip, FL2022, FL2023, FL202 curls artifact,FL6006 straight hair comb, hair straightener built general goods

supermarket, support custom R & D products for customer service;
       Services: general goods spot cash network marketing; product quality warranty period for two years; Business Engineer

one-stop service, order processing, testing, maintenance; the establishment of the hair straightener accessories supplier

alliance;A hair straightener product EMC free testing service;
     Flashtek people-oriented, and actively implement the system of learning and feedback management system. Companies to

promote the integrity of the foundation, to the quality of life, reputation as the dignity of the business philosophy.
We have a brand of service concept: the customer must have a family like attitude, all to solve customer problems as their

     We have a strong confidence, and new and old customers to work together, to face the challenges of the future.
     Flashtek look forward to working with you to create a better future!

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